Niel's EdTech Update...
with Niel Richard C. Lopez

by Niel Richard C. Lopez

educational technology 2

 ~ Selection, production and utilization of 
appropriate technology tools for instruction


    Some say that the computer technology is a barrier or destruction in learning. They say that it is really a baneful invention that it interfere really in that process. But they should know that computer technology is not only about entertainment purposes, neither Facebook nor Twitter - not to any social networking sites. Hence, computer technolofy plays a very important and vital part in the process of learning.

     Imagine, in just one click, there will be a millions of data and facts instantly. In just a browse in the World Wide Web, you can meet lots of information and knowledge you need. Computer technology and Internet is a very important tool in transforming the traditional classroom into one that is learner-centered. We cannot deny the fact that the modern students are into the technology and gadgets, so the best way to learn all the stuff inside the classroom is the integration of technology in learning.


Lesson 1
   A Review of Educational Technology 1


Lesson 2
  An Overview: Educational Tecnology 2

Lesson 3 
  Educational Technology in the Asia Pacific Region

Lesson 4
  Basic Concepts of Integrating Technology in Instruction

Lesson 5
  Start-of-the-Art ET Application Practice

Lesson 6
  IT Enters A New Learning Environment

Lesson 7
  IT for Higher Thinking Skills and Creativity

Lesson 8
  Higher Thinking Skills Through IT Based Projects

Lesson 9
  Computers as Informatuion and Communication Technology

Lesson 10
  The Computers as a Tutor

Lesson 11
The Computers as a Teacher's Tool

Lesson 12
  Information Technology in Support of Student-Centered Learning

Lesson 13
  Cooperative Learning with the Computer

Lesson 14
  The Software as an Educational Resource

Lesson 15
  Understanding Hypermedia

Lesson 16
  The Internet and Education

Lesson 17
  Educational Technology 2 Practicum



Educational Technology 2

Paz I. Lucido, Ph. D.


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